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Competent authority

Danish Health and Medicines Authority
Axel Heides gade 1
2300 København S
Phone: (+45) 72227400
Fax: (+45) 72227411

Contact person(s): Majbritt Codam (+45) 72227400

Application form

If you want to establish yourself or work on a permanent basis in Denmark you need to apply to the competent authority for authorisation or similar official recognition.

Click to get the application form of the competent authority. You should enclose the documents mentioned below under Documentation requirements.

If you are a citizen of a country belonging to the EU or EEA it may be possible to send your documents in electronic form to the Point of Single Contact. Look here to find out if you can use this option: Business In Denmark: Search by professions.

Documentation requirements

Bullet iconProof of nationality, for example, a copy of identity card or passport
Bullet iconEvidence of formal qualifications giving you access to the profession
Bullet iconCertificate accompanying the evidence of formal qualifications, e.g. attestation of professional competence or other attestation listed in Annex 5 to the Directive (certificate of conformity). This applies to medical doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinary surgeons, midwives and pharmacists. The certificate is issued by the relevant health authority in your home member state.
Bullet iconAttestation by the competence health authority that your qualification fulfils the requirements set out in the relevant directive. NB: Only applies to medical doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinary surgeons, midwives and pharmacists from the 12 most recent Member States)
Bullet iconCertificate of acquired rights, i.e. proof that you have effectively and lawfully been engaged in the activities in question in your home member state for at least three consecutive years during the five years prior to the date of issue of the certificate. It is relevant if your training certificate was issued before the reference date referred to in Annex V of directive, and your qualifications do not meet minimum training and other specifics that are defined in the Directive (e.g. EU citizens who are holders of the diploma issued before 25 June 1991 in the former Yugoslavia)
Bullet iconCertificate on change of denomination, if the name on your qualifications does not correspond to the title listed in the corresponding annex V of the Directive 2005/36/EC, but your diploma is covered by the rules on automatic recognition (if relevant)
Bullet iconAny further documentation/further information that you think may influence the assessment of your professional and educational qualifications, or other relevant information that you wish to submit, e.g. Curriculum Vitae)
Bullet iconCertificate (e.g. "Certificate of Current Professioinal Statuts/Good Standing") from the competent health authorities of your home member state/member state of establishment. The certificate must confirm that you are legally entitled to work within your profession, i.e. that you have not been suspended, disqualified or prohibited from practising. The certificate must be less than 3 months old and may be sent directly from the competent authority to the competent authority in Denmark. The certificate should be issued in English.
Bullet iconDocumentation of change of name/marriage certificate (if relevant)

Special conditions for applications not covered by EU rules

If the education is accepted the applicant must pass a language test in Danish and at least 6 months of adaptation period

Fees, if any

313 DKK

Coming to Denmark as a temporary service provider from an EU/EEA member state

Before first moving to Denmark in order to provide services, you are to inform the competent Danish authority in a written declaration. Apart from that, competent authority will not check your professional qualifications.

You are required to renew your declaration if you intend to provide temporary or occasional services in Denmark during the following year.

Please include the following documents with your first declaration:
Bullet iconA declaration dated and signed, indicating your occupation and your intention to provide a service in Denmark on a temporary and occasional basis.
Bullet iconOrdinary photocopy of proof of nationality (for example, a photocopy of relevant pages of your passport)
Bullet iconAttestation that you are legally established to practise the occupation in a Member State and that you are not prohibited, even temporarily, from practising at the time at the time of the attestation (the documents that may be provided by Member States of establishment are listed in Annex B of the Code of Conduct) or another document that proves your legal establishment.
Bullet iconCertified photocopies of your professional qualification documents (evidence of formal qualifications, an attestation of competence and/or professional experience, authorisation etc.)
Bullet iconIf neither the profession nor the training is regulated in your Member State of establishment: Proof that you have practised the profession for at least two years in the last ten, in the country of establishment (for example working contracts and attestations from previous employers stating the professional activity and its duration)
Bullet iconDocumentation of change of name/marriage certificate (if relevant)

It may be possible to send your documents in electronic form to the Point of Single Contact. Look here to find out if you can use this option: BusinessInDenmark: Search by professions.

Learn more about providing services on a temporary basis

Certified photocopies

"Certified photocopies" means that an authority has stamped and signed each copy page as confirmation that the copies are consistent with the documents submitted as original documents. This confirmation can be made by a Danish authority (e.g. local municipality, job centre, etc.) or by the institution / authority that issued the document, or by the embassy / consulate in Denmark of the country where the document is issued, or by a Danish embassy or a Danish consulate. Individuals can not verify copies. If you cannot send a certified copy, the competent authority can control the content and authenticity of the diploma, certificate and / or personal data.


You have to enclose certified translations of the essential documents (professional qualification, certificate of acquired rights, certificates of professional experience etc.). However, uncertified translations are accepted if you are a doctor, dentist, nurse, midwife, veterinarian or pharmacist from an EU/EEA country.

Standard documents such as identity cards, passports, etc., do not need to be translated. Documents issued in English, Norwegian or Swedish do not need to be translated. Documents issued in other languages must be translated into Danish or English. Some authorities also accept documents in German and French, and you should contact the competent authority if this is relevant to you. You may freely decide in which country inside the EU or EEA to get certified translations of the essential documents.

Your status as a professional in Denmark

When pursuing your profession in Denmark you are subject to the professional, statutory or administrative rules that apply to the profession, such as the definition of the profession, the use of titles and serious professional malpractice linked to consumer protection and safety, as well as disciplinary provisions applicable to professionals who pursue the profession in Denmark.

Danish legislation

Consolidation Act No. 877 of 4 August 2011 on Authorization of Health Care Professionals and on Professional Health Care Practice
Executive Order No. 49 of 13 January 2010

EU directive(s) on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications:

2005/36/EC, Title III, Chapter III (Automatic recognition of qualifications as a doctor, dentist, nurse, midwife, pharmacist or veterinary surgeon)

When you have applied for authorisation

Please visit one of these pages to find out more about your rights in connection with the application:

Application under EU rules

Application not covered by EU rules

Danish board of complaint

Ministry of Health


Dansk Sygeplejeråd

Information sources

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